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General Help

To find the product that you are interested in:
  • Click on the category selections, until you find your product. Items in each category are sorted by popularity, click the Description or Price links to sort the products in that way.
  • Click on the product to see which merchants (retailers/shops) have your item.
  • Click on the retailer of your choice to buy from them.
  • Click on Buy Now to go straight to the product page for that retailer.
  • If you don't see your product, click the "All in Category" link. This will show all the items in the current category. Alternatively you can use the Search box.

Read our Disclaimer for important details on the information contained in this site.

Although we do our best to make the retailer items match the actual products. Errors are likely to happen. We recommend that you verify with the retailer the item you are buying, as items are sometimes incorrectly categorized on this site. If you do notice such an error, or to recommend a product that we don't have, please Contact Us.

Product Rating

Product ratings are submitted (or at least should be) by people who use the product. If only a few people have reviewed the product, it is not nearly as reliable as if there are many. We encourage you to review products that you have or work with.

Merchant Rating

Merchant ratings are submitted (or at least should be) by people who have purchased items from the merchant, or tried to purchase items. Do not place a lot of emphasis on ratings if there have only been a few ratings. We encourage you to review merchants that you have used.

Product Prices

Product prices are in Australian Dollars, and include GST. If you find any case where this is not true, please Contact Us.

In general, all prices on AusPricesTM, should match the merchant website. Sometimes merchants will run specials which are only available through AusPricesTM.

There are a number of icons associated with the prices:

    This means that the price of the item has dropped in the last week. Move the mouse over the arrow to see how much it has dropped by in the last week, and also since yesterday.
    This means that the price of the item has increased in the last week. This doesn't happen very often and is normally the result of the cheapest merchant no longer carrying the item. Move the mouse over the arrow to see how much it has increased in the last week, and also since yesterday.

Shopping Basket

The shopping basket "[Add to Basket]" feature allows you to compare the prices for multiple products all at once. You can compare how much it would cost if you bought the items individually from different stores, or if you bought all the items at the one store.

To use this feature find the product that you are interested, and click the "[Add to Basket]" link on the product page. To remove a product from the set, click the "[ Remove ]" link for that product.

Advanced: To create a URL from another site to link to the basket that you have created, simple copy the URL that you see in the location bar when the basket is displayed. The id= is the id of the product, and is doesn't change for a given product. You could use this feature to recommend a set of components that work well together. Permission is give to link AusPricesTM in this way is given as long as AusPricesTM is portrayed in a positive manner.

Still having trouble? Click to Contact Us.

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