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Title: LG L1100
Manufacturer: LG - Product Page
Model: L1100
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 8View Ratings (4) 
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User Ratings

4NRIts battery life is very short, infared doesn't seem to work. But, why you wanna purchase this product is because of its design. I like the keypad cuz it turns blue. And its body shape is mad. OVERALL: It's a good beginner's phone but its battery kills everything. After you played a game, one line is alredy gone. Because it dies extremely quickly, what's the point of buying it? I would NOT recommend this product.
8KerrieThis phone has been great to use although it doesnt have much memory space for photos and recordings. It is easy to use; the buttons are big and easy to find yor way around. My Nanna even has the same phone! that is how easy it is to use!
10zuttagreat fucking phone
10zuttagreat fucking phone

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