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Title: Sony Ericsson K300i
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson - Product Page
Model: K300i
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 10View Ratings (2) 
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User Ratings

10WeniferI had a sony ericson. took it swinmimg with me by accident. I got this phone and i'm in love. if you watch the background of his phone in part one the trees are moving side to side. the phone has an axis tilt so if you tilt it side to side the trees move that direction and speed according to angle. the game menu reminds me of the ps3. the games use the tilt axis to play. hold the 5 key and swing your phone to bowl, much like the wii. the camera has every option the actual cyber shot does.
10TerrahHow neat! Is it really this smiple? You make it look easy.

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