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Title: Sony Ericsson T300
Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson - Product Page
Model: T300
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 8View Ratings (1) 
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User Ratings

8Some GuyFirstly, I cant compare this with other colour phones as its the only one I have used. I have had the T300 for a while now, and I am happy with it, although it is far from perfect. Good for the price though. Pros: Cheap Colour screen Joystick Clock screenersaver saves battery life and makes it easy to tell the time. Cons: Only 256 colours Screen gets washed out and is hard to read in sunlight Antenna is halfway up the back of the phone, so in areas of low reception you need to hold the phone from the bottom. Loading menus etc is slightly lagged. Changing themes takes forever (30 seconds?) Not much space on the phone for games pictures etc. Also you cant delete all the pictures themes and games that came with the phone. If you are looking at buying this phone, I would try it out at sony ericsson's webpage - their try the phone feature is really good :).

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