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Title: LG TD/HD4000
Manufacturer: LG - Product Page
Model: TD/HD4000
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 6View Ratings (10) 
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User Ratings

6christianIve had this phone for almost two years now and am about to upgrade to the motorola C975 (YES!) I think its pretty average. it tends to lag sometimes, and i have found, perfonally, the the keys themselves have become so bad that I've had to litteraly crunch the keypad while typing messages or navigating through the phone. The wap is pretty dismal and it wouldn't allow me to download anything. everything about messaging was extremely poor. predictive text wouldnt store words, the alert sound was very soft and quiet. very small message characters capacity:120 and when u were reciving a call, the phone would vibrate first then ring. not vibrate and ring simultaneoulsy. what i did really really like was the CDMA thing. you never had to set the time, and with the world clock, i always new it was accurate. I've really only touched on a few points here, but if you need a small, cheap phone and aren't fussy about colour or other multimedia things like cameras, etc... then this is you phone. If you do want a good phone, then look elsewhere. (i really love the flip factor! always a +)
6LucyI think this fone is ok i would NOT say it is the best fone.I hate lots of things about it but i also like SOME things about. The thing i'm most happy about is that after 1yr and a half that i have had this fone it is still in good condition and i have finally found a website that you CAN download all different ringtones.
4ColinNothing but trouble and now the phone wont work at all -12 months old ! Just like all "Orange" phones, a waste of money!
6michaelits an ok phone but you cant set the time whenever you need to change it like during daylight savings
8adamnice and easy to use for someone who is not an expert. has some great features.
2HarryThis phone has some great features like the off button!The SMS is so clumsy and the T9 doesnt allow you to add words.It has a limited storage box for SMS and its memory runs out real fast so you have to keep on deleting messages.Why they have an archives box is beyond me. The sms alert is so quiet you miss the message sometimes. After a few months I have upgraded the phone to something more functional.
2benthe worst thing is i cant find a place to buy 1!!
8KevinGreat phone only draw back is no downloads available for ring tones
10RobertI love LG TD/HD4000 It's got a great look and a great colour
8NickI work for Orange mobile in Australia, who uses the paticular handset and have found it great to use (i never give anything full rating) its a great phone, polyphonic ringtones, blue screen, large buttons for clumsy fingers, user friendly menu, only drawback i have found is that when typing sms it doesnt automatically go to predictive text apart from that one of the best phones on the current CDMA market

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