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Title: Nokia 6610
Manufacturer: Nokia - Product Page
Model: 6610
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 10View Ratings (6) 
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User Ratings

10RinalynNov17 Since the birth of Pakistan, people have been exncriepeing different political combination's, and unfortunately all were failed to deliver. As a citizen of Pakistan , I will try this last combination of Imran Khan, and my advise to all of you, be patient until PTI starts innings. I tell you one thing, no combination will succeed until unless any party sweeps 90% of Karachi seats beside MQM. Then you will see some hope of change, otherwise party alliances to form Government would not work.
10asif mehmood bhattiits greatttttttttt i m also using this one
10asif mehmood bhattiits greatttttttttt i m also using this one
10ChughMore value to it price
10barrygreat phone

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