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Title: Nokia 7250i
Manufacturer: Nokia - Product Page
Model: 7250i
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 6View Ratings (3) 
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User Ratings

6DylanThe power button these phones is a joke. My power button has just broken and I have taken the phone apart and the switch has literally fallen apart, I cannot turn the switch on at all anymore, if anybody knows any GOOD mobile places that could repair and not rip me off please say so, the previous 7250i that I had, got "water damage" according to nokia care and I got it replaced with this one. Thus I am reluctant to go near a mobile phone place anymore I do not trust them
6rayive had this phone for nearly 6 just doesnt compare to the old nokia 5110 with reception and quality which i think had to be one of the best phones ever made.
6bugboystill hav'nt been able to email photos to email accounts. If the photos look good on PC and print then it will be all worth the effort. The included games are not very impressive (did not meet my expectations), and I am dissapointed with polyphonic ring tones (I would have expected closer to CD quality than midi, but I guess we have to wait for someone to do it the wat we want, and then upgrade latter). In summary, the phone looks unreal, the 4MB of storage allows for about 250 photos to be stored, and I find use of the phone is very good (easy to press buttons and logical menu system). I imagine that there will be some good java applications available for this phone, the included calandar and countdown timer are good. I like the call register too, can list who called and when and also who you called and when. Don't like paying for the calls though *grin*

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