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Title: 17" Diamond Pro 730, 1280x1024 (85Hz)
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi - Product Page
Model: 730
Price Range: N/A - N/A
Product Rating: 10View Ratings (1) 
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User Ratings

10James JarvisI have had this screen for 5 or so years now and it has been superb all along the way. Buying a new cpu, but keeping this screen. Although its vga and not dvi, I dont care because the depth and resolution is superior to almost every other crt screen I've seen. The dot pitch of 0.25mm makes text cystal clear and gaming ultra realistic. Its pretty bright too, but after using an lcd, its noticable that lcds are brigher though when going back to crt. The colour on this thing is great. Somehow 16 inch viewable screen size seems bigger than that. Probably keep this thing till it dies. Only complaint I guess is it produces a lot of heat, so my room can heat up to 24degrees c.

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