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Title: P4R800-VM (ATI Radeo 9100 IGP)
Manufacturer: Asus - Product Page
Model: P4R800-VM
Price Range: N/A - N/A
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User Ratings

8kerryNo pcie slots however and asus have not upgraded drivers for vista yet. You can use later ati drivers but will lose ccc 3d and will not run Vista media centre (64mb ram) because of drivers, not capacity. This should work ! Wont run aero or movie maker in vista either, even with 1.5 gigs ram. You can download the 2.6 version or old Movie Maker version and run that in compatibility mode. Other than these issues bios is great, performance and hyper threading option useful. 3.0 GHz processor makes a very fast xp machine, which is equally fast in vista, but no fun to drive without bling and that comes at a price for a new graphics card ad some ram. This should work as it is, if ASUS and ATI paid some attention to drivers. Just to have Media Centre work would be enough, but CCC ATI control panel wont work, unless installed in win xp compatibility mode and then has conflicts.

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