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Title: WD Caviar High-Performance, 160GB, 7200RPM, 2MB Buffer, 8.9ms
Manufacturer: Western Digital - Product Page
Model: WD1600BB
Price Range: N/A - N/A
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10WoodsHeck yeah this is exactly what I nedeed.
10norberto I am the Messenger Marcus Zusak. I bought this book for my gaduhter (19 years old) after reading The Book Thief which was sort of dark but had a great message. I am the Messenger won a Childrens book award in Australia but it is NOT a childrens book. The main character starts out telling the reader how sexually inadequate he is and this is repeated throughout the book. He also talks at length about his friend Audrey and fantasizes about having sex with her. Meanwhile she is having sex with her boyfriend Simon. None of these are described in detail but they made me uncomfortable. There is also a pretty horrible rape scene. I am sad that these things are in the book because overall it was good and it does have a wonderful message

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