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About AusPricesTM

AusPricesTM is a product comparison web site to help Australian users find the product they want, and at the cheapest price. Prices are updated at least every 24 hours (currently twice a day). Some shops may choose to update their information more often.


All Australian shops are encouraged to add their product listings to AusPricesTM. Please visit Help/Merchant for more information.


Do you see an error, or got some suggestions for improvement, please Contact Us.


Manufacturers can see increased exposure to Australian customers by entering their product information into AusPricesTM. If you would like to have your product information entered into AusPricesTM, please Contact Us to get access to a manufacturer data feed.


Please see the Advertising section on the available options.


We don't give out any individually identifying information. We may give out aggregate information (such as web site traffic, hits from particular countries, etc) to interested parties at our discretion.

We may use cookies to provide you with additional features, as well as to perform authentication for registered users.

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